Trend is a UK-based manufacturer and supplier of Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS), with a global distribution and support network covering 50 countries.

Control Air is the approved value-added reseller (VAR) for supply, installation and support.

digital air control systems


Unlike other BEMS systems, Trend does not lock you into proprietary service providers or tie you into to any ongoing license fees or charges. Trend’s route to market is through value added re-sellers (VAR’s) such as Control Air.

Trend invests significantly in research and development to provide the best solutions for building management.

Transparency and control

Trend provides easy-to-understand systems – so you can have full visibility and control. Trend’s focus is to ensure you have access to all the information and can tailor reports to monitor the system in the way that best suits your needs.

Training provided directly

While Control Air will be your ‘team on the ground’ to support your system, Trend also provides online training that’s available to you directly.

Open protocol environment

Trend operates in various open protocol environments – so it can intelligently interface with third party devices in your building.

Backward and Forward Compatibility

Trend building controls are an investment that is protected for the long term with true backward and forward compatibility. Without the requirement of integration devices Trend offers true compatibility with controllers manufactured twenty years ago operating seamlessly with new controllers. This means expansions and upgrades do not require older controls to be upgrade to keep the systems operating.

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