Control Air has the technical expertise and resourcing to provide clients with a complete BEMS solution – whether you’re looking to get the most out of your existing system, or want a new system installed.

Control Air works closely with you

Our range of services includes:

Diagnosis & trouble-shooting

Does your existing BEMS have annoying bugs? Is it running at below-par efficiency? Our expert team at Control Air can provide an independent audit or review, or simply answer your queries.

Optimising the use of BEMS

Whether you’re using a Trend system, or just want some additional information on building controls, our team are skilled engineers who can assist. We will support you to understand your system better and developing a road map to where you need to be to improve building controls is our specialty.

Seamless installation and upgrades

When we install or upgrade your BEMS, you won’t notice any business disruption. We’re experts at integrating new mechanical plant – all while ensuring your building stays fully operational.


Our qualified BEMS engineers and technicians are experts at fixing small problems, before they turn into costly ones. Recommended upgrades or remedial works are logged and quoted for in our system – so you can plan, prioritise and budget for upcoming improvements.

Training & support

The Control Air team will give your people the tools to confidently operate your BEMS. We’re focused on partnering with you for a solution that keeps you in control of your building.

Value-added reporting tools

Control Air’s information management system along with Trend’s BEMS solution will continue to deliver the detail and reports that enhance your building management processes.

We have a proven track record as specialists in: