Case Studies

Case Study 1: Tricky pool project
Case Study 2: A winning solution
Case Study 3: Integrated Innovation

Case study: tricky pool project

It is notoriously difficult to manage heating, humidity and temperatures for indoor swimming pools but Control Air’s Trend BEMS is passing the test with flying colours following a high profile pool complex’s extreme makeover.

One of the project objectives was to ensure users enjoy a comfortable environment, no matter whether they are in or nearby a swimming or spa pool, using the changing rooms, or in a space away from the water.

A sophisticated and complex Trend BEMS system was installed during the upgrade, and is monitored on-site and remotely. It controls many variables by monitoring external and internal temperatures, humidity, CO2, wind and rain, and adjusting air conditioning and heating levels accordingly.

Control Air’s engineers worked closely with the facility managers to provide them with the control, access and visibility of their system. This involved detailed graphics and a user friendly system structure with effective support and training.

The Trend BEMS delivers intelligent control maintaining safe and pleasant water temperatures in the pools, monitors window conditions with the ability to control motorised window opening, and provides detailed alarm functionality for early warning of faults.

This robust solution has well and truly stood up to the challenge, and will continue to benefit the pool’s owner and its users for many years to come.

Case study: A winning solution

Being able to view and control all aspects of their new headquarters’ BMS operations has proven to be a winner for a large Auckland based organisation.

Ensuring the BEMS system delivered maximum efficiencies was a crucial part of the project and the priority to upgrade their new headquarters – a 31 level, 33,443m2 building.

The project required a full replacement of the existing controls system. The challenge arose from the buildings continued occupancy throughout the project and the priority to keeping systems fully operational. Unique interface solutions and flexibility with the programme have been key to achieving the necessary outcomes.

The building owners were attached to Trend BMS because it enabled all members of the operations team to log into a single platform that provided full visibility of their central Auckland building portfolio’s control system through a networked structure. This provided transparency on building performance and energy usage.

The building owners were provided a complete solution with visibility and control of everything from environmental conditions to energy consumption without needing to get third-party contractors involved. Control Air’s support of this property portfolio continues to expand and enhance the building management efficiency.

Case study: Integrated Innovation

With the commercial development of an inner city building converting to office space, apartments and parking Control Air were engaged for the total controls design and installation.

Flexibility in the use of space to achieve multi tenancy options while meeting the needs of residential occupants made Trend the obvious choice.

To deliver a high quality finish and to command optimum rental return a system was provided that incorporated:

The system was able to deliver premium energy efficiency while being able to accommodate multiple uses that provides consistent comfort conditions to the occupants.

Control Air worked closely with the architects and tenants to deliver on the quality of installation, design and system performance. From engineering design through to commissioning this building is testament to Trend’s innovative systems and Control Air’s expertise.