Trend’s on-going investment in Research and Development continually delivers innovative solutions and market leading technology.

Trend Energy Manager (TEM)

Energy Manager is web-based software used to highlight and investigate potential energy waste within your building. It provides a fast and cost effective way of gaining control of a building’s environmental performance and utility consumption. TEM enables you to:

Trend IQView8 Display

The IQView8 is a touchscreen display which provides an interface to the Trend control system. It enables the user to view and adjust operating times, monitor alarms, make adjustments to controller parameters and display graphics of logged data. It provides a tenancy/occupant interface for greater visibility and control.

Trend IQ EYE

Trend’s IQ EYE is a web based system that remotely interacts with the TREND BEMS to diagnose and highlight system issues before they become a problem. Early identification of potential performance issues ensures intervention before costly equipment failure occurs.

IQ EYE’s traffic light reporting system grades the performance of the BEMS allowing users to quickly see where problems exist and target appropriate action.

Trend EnergyEYE

Trend EnergyEYE is an effective tool for displaying energy performance and the corporate commitment to sustainability objectives. With a high level of customisation the user has the ability to display consumption from any utility meter (Electricity, Gas, Water etc) along with corporate messages. EnergyEYE can display consumption figures comparative to the previous day, month and year to date.

Trend IQeco Controllers

Trend IQeco are cutting-edge controllers offering higher capacity, greater flexibility and more inputs/outputs than other similar sized terminal controllers.

These freely programmable controllers can be used in a wide range of applications from a simple fan coil to the most complex individual room control.

The IQeco controllers are up to 60% more energy efficient than equivalent controllers on the market. This range of controllers also communicate using the BACnet protocols therefore offering flexible integration options.

Trend IQ4E Controller

Trend’s IQ4E controller is expandable up to 192 points by adding I/O modules. This flexibility makes it suitable for a broad range of applications.

The IQ4E controller uses Ethernet and TCP/IP networking technologies with embedded XML and is fully compatible with other Trend IQ contollers. The IQ4E supports BACnet over IP as standards. Key benefits include: